Refunds and Compensations

Refunds and Compensations

If the train delay exceeds 60 minutes and no alternative transport services are available, the passenger may immediately choose between:

1. The full refund of the validated ticket (both for the part(s) of the journey not yet travelled and for the route(s) already made) if the trip is no longer worthwhile to carry out the original program, being also entitled to return to the departure place as soon as possible.

2. Travelling to the final destination through alternative transport services, as soon as possible.

The ticket is non-refundable if the passenger is informed of the train delay before validating the ticket. In case 2, the passenger may be refunded as follows:

1. 25% of the ticket price for a delay of 60 to 119 minutes.

2. 50% of the ticket price for a delay of 120 minutes or more. No compensation for amounts less than € 4, or for bus rides shorter than 250km, is granted.

Subscriptions are non-refundable. However, compensation is granted for each month when more than 10% of the scheduled trains have a delay of more than 15 minutes or in the event of train trip cancellation. In such a case, the compensation is equal to 10% of the monthly subscription or 1/12 of 10% of the annual subscription.

No compensation for amounts less than € 4, or for bus rides shorter than 250km, is granted.

Refunds or compensation can be requested within 90 days:

  • By filling in this web form. The form will be forwarded automatically, and a receipt will be emailed to attest the proper registration in our system and notify the unique number assigned to the report.
  • By registered mail addressed to:

Cotral Spa | Customer care Via Bernardino Alimena 105 00173 Rome In this case it is possible to use the paper form (available at the stations: Metromare di Porta San Paolo and Rome-Viterbo Flaminio), which can be printed and sent to the registered mail.

It is possible to send the refund or compensation request even without using the paper form as long as it contains the minimum processing elements required:

  1. Personal data of the passenger (name, surname, address) or of any passenger’s representative, in this case attaching the proxy and an identity document of the customer;
  2. Identification references of the journey made or planned (date, time of departure, origin, and destination) and a copy of the travel document. Any indication of the train number if it is known;
  3. A copy of a validated travel document;
  4. A description of the disservice suffered.

You can submit your refund request either in Italian or in English. If the journey is accessible to passengers with disabilities, but the train (or the alternative bus) is not accessible to them, we will provide top the customer with an indemnity of € 20 in addition to the ticket refund.

If you do not receive any answer within 30 days, or if the answer is unsatisfactory, you may:

  • Submit a request to the Chamber of Conciliation of the Lazio Region, established by Regional Law of 7 March 2016 n. 1, and subsequent amendments.
  • Submit a request to Concilia Web, the Web Platform for the management of disputes between users and operators of electronic communications and media services. The platform si managed by the Transport Regulation Authority (ART).
  • Submit a second complaint to the Transport Regulation Authority (ART) via the Telematic System for the Acquisition of Complaints (SiTe), available on the website www.autorita-, or by downloading the appropriate “Complaint form” from the a.m. website and sending it via mail to: Via Nizza 230, 10126 Turin, or emailing it to the legal email:

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