Bus | General Conditions of Carriage.

Bus | General Conditions of Carriage.

Article 1 - Use of tickets and rules for boarding buses.

Passengers must:

●  Have an appropriate ticket before boarding the bus, ensuring that the fare paid applies to the route they wish to travel;

●  Board the bus from the front door;

●  Validate the ticket and show it to the driver immediately when boarding the bus;

●  Holding a paper ticket, check that the date and time printed by the ticket validator are correct;

●  Holding a paper season pass, check that the date and time printed on the first day of use are correct;

●  Validate paper season passes and electronic cards at the beginning of each travel;

●  When required (e.g. paper season passes), fill in the appropriate sections of the ticket in pen and carry valid identification.

When boarding the bus, passengers without a ticket may purchase a single-fare ticket for €7.00 from the driver, paying in cash only.

The driver must refuse boarding to passengers without a valid ticket who refuse to buy one on board.

Passengers without a ticket may only board the bus once the administrative fine has been imposed. Should they refuse, the driver is required to request the assistance of the ticket inspectors or the Police.

Under no circumstances may the driver leave with people on board who do not have a valid ticket.

Passengers belonging to the categories entitled to reduced fares or free travel must show the personal card issued by Cotral together with a valid ID document:

●  To the shopkeeper when buying tickets at a reduced price;

●  To the driver, when boarding the bus;

●  To the ticket inspectors upon request.

Failure or irregular operation of the ticket validator must be reported immediately to the driver or Company staff. The passenger must write the bus number, date and time of boarding on the ticket and have it endorsed by the driver.

The ticket is strictly personal. It cannot be transferred or combined with other tickets. It must be kept intact and easily identifiable throughout the journey until the destination stop. Upon request, it must be shown to the control personnel, together with a valid ID document, if it is registered to the holder’s name.

●  Cotral segmented fare tickets entitle the holder to a single journey without getting off the bus;

●  Segmented fare passes, and Metrebus passes entitle the holder to unlimited journeys during the month or year of validity.

●  The ticket is non-refundable if a journey is delayed or interrupted due to force majeure.

Article 2 - Fines

Anyone found without a valid ticket by the ticket inspectors must pay the fare for the entire journey from the departure terminal to the arrival terminal and an administrative fine between €100.00 and €500.00, as established by Regional Law no. 16 of 16.6.2003, Art.  42, paragraph 2.

Passengers are considered without a ticket and subject to fine when:

●  They refuse to show the ticket to the driver when boarding the bus or to buy the ticket on board for a single fare;

●  Although holding the ticket, they do not validate it as established;

●  They use tickets or season passes after their validity period;

●  They use ordinary tickets or season passes on routes requiring special tickets;

●  They use tickets or season passes for a lower fare or segment than the one expected;

●  They show subsidised season passes/tickets without the appropriate documents;

●  They show personalised season passes not filled in correctly;

●  They show tickets no longer in use;

●  They show Cotral or Metrebus electronic cards without purchase receipts or with unreadable receipts.

Pursuant to Arts. 465 and 466 of the Italian Criminal Code, anyone showing a ticket repeatedly punched or with visible signs of counterfeiting or alteration shall be subject to an administrative fine ranging from € 103.00 to € 309.00 in addition to the confiscation of the ticket (articles decriminalised by Legislative Decree 507/99).

Anyone who transfers a personal travel ticket or pass, whether the transferee or the transferor, is subject to the above-said administrative fine as laid down by Art. 5 of Italian Law 689/81. Anyone who infringes the provisions on the behaviour of public transport company customers contained in Italian Presidential Decree 753/80 is subject to an administrative fine ranging from € 30.00 to € 250.00, besides possible amounts for a refund of any damage caused to Company assets. Cotral is not liable for damage caused by things, people or animals infringing the following rules:

●  It is forbidden to operate alarms and emergency devices except in cases of emergency and danger;

●  It is forbidden to get on and off the bus when it is not completely stopped and from doors other than those marked on the bus;

●  It is forbidden to throw objects out of the windows;

●  It is forbidden to smoke;

●  It is forbidden to damage or soil company buses and premises;

●  It is forbidden any ambulant sale, soliciting donations for any reason, singing, playing music and the like;

●  It is forbidden to enter the vehicle when drunk or in a state that offends common decency and can disturb other passengers;

●  It is forbidden to carry weapons except for public safety officers;

●  It is forbidden to carry dangerous or harmful goods.

Passengers who cause inconvenience or disturbance to other passengers or the driver may be expelled from the bus at the staff’s discretion, without any form of compensation. Any individuals who provide false personal information or refuse to do so when requested by company staff, or who commit offenses against public officials as defined in the current Criminal Code, will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Passengers who, upon inspection, declare to hold a monthly or annual season pass or a subsidised or free circulation card must show the following documents within 5 days from the report date in their original version if hand-delivered to Cotral stations and in a front and back copy if sent by email to ufficio.ricorsi@cotralspa.it:

●  Monthly season pass validated before the fine, together with a copy of the payment of € 10.00 to postal current account no. 1001517604 or bank transfer  to IBAN IT24A0760103200001001517604 held by Cotral Spa, indicating as payment reason “procedure expenses” and the fine number;

●  Annual season pass with related purchase agreement if on paper, plus a copy of the payment of € 10.00 to postal current account no. 1001517604 or bank transfer to IBAN IT24A0760103200001001517604 held by Cotral Spa indicating as payment reason “procedure expenses” and the report number;

●  Subsidised or free circulation card, plus a copy of the payment of € 10.00 to postal current account no. 1001517604 held by Cotral Spa, indicating as payment reason “procedure expenses” and the report number.

Article 3 - Payment of Fines

As provided for by Regional Law no. 7 Art. 139 of 14/07/2014, the fine amount is reduced if paid within five days from the date of issue (this payment option is also allowed for violations falling under the provisions of Italian Presidential Decree 753/80, excluding the ticket amount and without prejudice to Cotral’s right to claim compensation for any damages). The transgressor must pay the fine on the postal current account no. 1001517604 or wire transfer to IBAN IT24A0760103200001001517604 held by Cotral Spa indicating the fine number and the payment reason.

Article 4 - Appeal against a Fine

Within 30 days from the date of the fine notification (no appeal is admitted for the notice of assessment), the customers subjected to administrative fines imposed by Cotral staff may submit defensive writs directly to the Company by filling in the web form contact us on cotralspa.it.

If the appeal is rejected, the transgressor will be charged the expenses for the administrative procedure besides the fine and the ticket cost.

Article 5 - Fare Concessions

People over seventy years of age, mutilated persons and war invalids residing in Lazio may travel free of charge if they hold a personal life card issued by Cotral or Trenitalia and a valid ID document attesting to their actual residence.

Citizens residing in Lazio belonging to the categories defined by the Regional Law no. 30 of 16/07/1998 (subsequently amended by Regional Law no. 16 of 16.6.2003) are entitled to receive subsidised cards to purchase tickets and passes with 50% and 70% reduction.

For concessions to the Metrebus fare system, visit www.cotralspa.it and www.regione.lazio.it.

Article 6 - Children

Children under one-metre tall travel free on the regional network provided they are accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket and do not occupy a seat. Children over one metre tall must have a valid ticket. Only in Roma Capitale do children up to 10 years travel free (one for each adult). Children in prams and pushchairs are not allowed on the bus for safety reasons. Any devices must be folded within the prescribed limits and placed under the seat.

Article 7 - Animals

Guide dogs that help blind or visually impaired people travel free of charge, and provided they are on a lead and muzzled.

The following are allowed on board at the regular fare:

●  Small and medium-sized dogs, provided they are on a lead and wear a basket muzzle. At most, two dogs are allowed per bus and must be placed at the bus's rear.

●  Cats and birds in cages or baskets no larger than 40x30x30 cm.

Large dogs (or other animals) are not permitted.

Animals, cages and containers must not cause discomfort or damage to persons or property during carriage. Passengers accompanying animals are responsible for them and will be liable for any damage caused to the bus, property or other passengers.

Article 8 - Luggage

No luggage may occupy a seat.

The following are allowed free of charge:

One piece of hand luggage measuring approximately 50x30x25 cm can be placed under the seats.

One small item of luggage may be placed in the overhead luggage compartment.

Hand luggage that exceeds the approximate dimensions of 50x30x25 cm and cannot be placed under the seats must be placed in the bus's luggage compartment. This option is only available on terminal-to-terminal services. One piece of luggage per person is free of charge.

Each additional piece of luggage will be charged at the regular fare.

Parcels with sharp edges or corners and parcels containing flammable or fragile materials are prohibited.

The provisions of Regional Law no. 52 of 3.12.1982 apply to other specifications.

For safety reasons, passengers must inform Cotral staff of any unattended objects on the vehicles at the departure and arrival terminals.

Cotral staff may refuse to allow objects and packages that do not comply with the above rules on board the bus. Any violation of the above rules will be prosecuted under the provisions of Art. 42 of the Lazio Regional Law no. 16/2003 and these General Conditions of Carriage. Violations of the conditions of carriage will be detected and prosecuted by Cotral personnel in their capacity as administrative police in compliance with Lazio Regional Law no. 16/2003.

Article 9 – Lost Objects

Claims for property loss can be made via the web form on the website cotralspa.it.

Article 10 – Complaints

A complaint can be submitted in several ways:

●  The easiest and quickest way is to fill in the web form available at cotralspa.it/complaints.

The form will be sent automatically. You will receive an email confirming the successful registration in our systems and the unique number assigned to the complaint.

●  By calling our toll-free number 800 174 471, from Monday to Saturday, from 07:00 to 20:00. You will receive an email confirming the successful registration in our systems and the unique number assigned to your complaint.

●  In person at the Cotral office in Rome located at no. 105 of Via Bernardino Alimena.

●  By registered letter addressed to:

Cotral Spa | Servizio Clienti

Via Bernardino Alimena 105

00173 Roma

In this case, it is possible to use the paper form (available at cotralspa.it/complaints and at the terminals of Roma Anagnina, Roma Ponte Mammolo, Roma Laurentina, Roma Cornelia, Latina, Frosinone, Rieti and Viterbo) that can be printed and sent by registered mail. It is also possible to send the complaint without using the paper form, provided that it contains the following minimum elements necessary for processing the complaint:

  1. The identification details of the passenger (name, surname, address) and their representative (if any), attaching, in this case, the proxy and an ID document of the Customer;
  2. The details identifying the journey made or planned (date, time of journey, place of departure and destination) and a ticket copy. The number of the train or bus, if known;
  3. A description of the disservice suffered.

●  The complaint may be submitted in either Italian or English.

●  The complaint may be submitted within 90 days of  the event

A reply to the complaint will be provided within 30 days.

In case of no reply, the Passenger is entitled to automatic compensation calculated as follows:

●  For a delay between 91 and 120 days, compensation equal to 10% of the ticket price to travel the route subject to the complaint.

In the case of a season pass, the ticket price shall be calculated by dividing the cost of the monthly season pass by 52 journeys and the annual season pass by 624 journeys.

●  For a delay exceeding 120 days, compensation equal to 20% of the ticket price to travel the route subject to the complaint.

In the case of a season pass, the ticket price shall be calculated by dividing the cost of the monthly season pass by 52 journeys and the annual season pass by 624 journeys.

●  No compensation shall be granted if the amount is less than €4, the claim is submitted without the minimum necessary information, or if compensation has already been paid for a claim on the same journey.

●  Compensation shall be paid by bank transfer.

In case of no answer within 30 days, or if the response received as not satisfying, the Customer may:

●  Submit a request to Camera di Conciliazione of Regione Lazio, established by Regional Law no. 1 of 7 March 2016 and subsequent amendments.

●  File a request for conciliation with the Transport Regulatory Authority through ConciliaWeb, available at  https://www.autorita-trasporti.it/conciliaweb/.

●  Submit second complaint to Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti (ART) (Transport Regulatory Authority) through Sistema Telematico di Acquisizione Reclami (SiTe) (Telematic System for Complaints the Acquisition), available on www.autorita-trasporti.it, or fill in and send the specific “Complaint Form” available on the website mentioned above, to the address Via Nizza 230, 10126 Turin, or send a Certified Email to pec@pec.autorita-trasporti.it.

Article 11 – Health and Hygiene Protection

Should flu or respiratory symptoms occur, a protective mask is recommended.

Article 12 - Protection of Personal Data

Personal data will be processed in compliance with EU Regulation 679/2016 and Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003. The purposes and processing methods are described in the privacy policy of cotralspa.it.

Article 13 – Carriage of People with Reduced Mobility

Assistance on board is available to those who request it at least three working days in advance to provide a service tailored to their specific needs.

The request can be made online at cotralspa.it or by calling our toll-free number 800 174 471.

If a journey is indicated as accessible to people with reduced mobility, but the bus is not suitable, the passenger is entitled to a refund of the ticket and compensation of €20.

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