In 1994, to facilitate mobility within the Lazio Region, the public transport companies Cotral, Atac and Trenitalia achieved the Metrebus integrated ticketing, which enables integrated tickets and passes holders to travel on either of the three companies vehicles, within the validity limits of the purchased ticket or card. This system consists of Metrebus Rome, which allows users to travel by public transport within the Municipality of Rome, and Metrebus Lazio, which allows users to travel throughout the region. The territory of Lazio is divided into seven concentric zones. Each Municipality is part of just one zone. Letters A B C D E F mark the zones: letter A corresponds to the area of Rome which counts as two zones due to its extension and complexity.

Metrebus tickets are valid:

  • on different transports (buses in Rome and Lazio region, trams, Metro and trains);
  • on different routes;
  • within one zone;
  • Within different zones with the exception of special routes.

The price of the integrated ticket only depends on the crossed areas, not on the number of transports that are being used or the length of the routes. The pass can cover up to seven zones, but its maximum price will be six zones.

Metrebus Lazio Pass will show the number of the purchased zones.


If you want to travel on Cotral buses only, you can choose the Single Tickets or Passes for interregional routes. The cost of the single ticket is not fixed, but it depends on the mileage, based on 12 distance classes. The distance-based Cotral system also includes a monthly pass, valid on lines from Umbria, Tuscany Abruzzo or Campania regions to one of the cities in Lazio region.

Metrebus Lazio purchased zones