Check out our FAQ section for answers to frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please contact us: we will be happy to help you.

Where can I find the timetable of all journeys from/to a specific municipality?
On the page Timetable/Search for Municipality, you can access a PDF file containing all the information you need by entering the name of the Municipality and clicking on SEARCH.

Where can I find the timetable from an A to a B location?
On the page Timetable/Direct connections you can enter a departing location and an arriving location, then you click on SEARCH and the system will show you the timetable. In case there are more departing/arriving stations for the selected destination, the system will show you all of them: click on “+” next to the most convenient station and you will get the details of the schedule.

The system does not recognise what I write when searching for a journey. Why?
The system has an auto-completion feature to let you save time and prevent typing errors: for example, if you are searching for “Terme di Viterbo”, just type “Vit” and the system will automatically open a list of all locations containing those letters. Then, click on ‘Terme di Viterbo,“, that’s it.

Where can I buy the tickets?
Cotral tickets and passes can be purchased at tour ticket offices and authorised sales points (newsagents, tobacco shops, etc.). Here you can find the closest to you.

Can I buy the ticket directly aboard the bus?
Sure! On board, you can buy a single for € 7.00 cash to the driver.

Can I use more than one ticket for the same route?
No, you can’t. Tickets are not cumulative.

I got a fine on a Cotral Bus. Can I directly pay my fine to ticket inspectors?
No, you can’t. You can find the payment methods here as well as on the report.
By when can I pay the reduced fine?
You can pay a reduced fine not later than 5 days from its report, using any postal form payable to: Cotral Spa, Via Bernardino Alimena, 105 – 00173 Roma c/c 1001517604.
You always need to incorporate the id number of the fine in the motive.
I lost the receipt of the fine, how can I obtain a copy?
You can request a copy of your fine by filling out this form or by calling the 06 7205 6020, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Can I take my dog on the bus?

Guide dogs wearing muzzles for blind people can travel for free on our buses. If you have a medium and small-sized dog, or a cat, you can take it on board by purchasing an extra ticket and making sure it does not disturb or annoy other passengers. For further information, please check our General Transport Conditions.

We are a large group of people: how can we inform Cotral we are travelling on buses?

We are a public transport company: we do not rent buses, provide customised journeys or book seats. However, if you are planning to go on a trip with friends or with your Scout group, we will be happy to help you. Fill out this form at least 7 working days before your journey, indicating: exact days and times of the journeys, departure and arrival stops, and the presence of any luggage or any passengers with disabilities. Moreover, leave us your mobile number.

Where can I purchase a ticket from/to Fiumicino Airport (FCO, Leonardo da Vinci)? How much does it cost?

The ticket has a special fare of € 5.00. You can buy it at newsstands, tobacco shops and other sales points in the airport and Termini and Tiburtina stations. If you are arriving or departing at night and stores are closed, do not worry: you can buy the ticket directly on the bus for the price of € 7.00.

Where does the bus depart? Where does it arrive? How long does it take?

Buses depart from Tiburtina station, then stop at Termini station (P.zza dei Cinquecento) and then straight to Fiumicino Airport (FCO, Leonardo da Vinci) – Termina 1 and 2. The journey takes about 1 hour.
What time?
From Roma Tiburtina, from Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 12:05pm – 12:35pm – 5:30pm – 1:15am – 3:45am. Saturday: 5:30pm – 1:15am – 3:45am. Sunday and bank holidays: 12:30am – 1:15am:2:30am – 3:45am.
From Fiumicino Airport, from Monday to Friday: 10:55am – 15:30pm – 7:05pm – 2:15am – 5:00am. Saturday: 3:30pm – 7:05pm – 2:15am – 5:00am . Sunday and bank holidays: 1:15am – 2:15am – 3:30am – 5:00am.

(Please note: timetables are subject to change: always check the timetables section before travelling).