Local transport of Lazio. A long history

1899. Birth of STEFER

It all began on November 29th, 1899 with the establishment of STEFER, the first Company of Electrical Railways and Tramways of Rome. This represented the first attempt to establish a network of public transport in the Region.

Through this company, the transport policy wanted to channel the investments in an activity that was useful to the community. The program, which included the installation and operation “of animal-drawn, steam or electric railways and tramways” was presented to the Province and municipality of Rome and gave the first impetus to the extensive network of trams, trains and buses which also spread throughout the province of Frosinone, along the roads Casilina, Anagnina, Prenestina, Tuscolana, Appia and to the city of Ostia.

1941. STEFER purchases the Roma-Ostia Lido railway

1941 represents a particularly important year in the history of public transport of Lazio region. On July 26th, 1941, STEFER purchased the Roma – Ostia Lido railway (opened August 10th, 1924 by SEFI and then sold to I.R.I.) and, on August 18th of the same year, the Roma – Fiuggi railway was purchased too (by IRI but already owned by the S.F.V.).

1952. The State entrusts the Termini-EUR Metro line to STEFER

Acknowledging the social value of the company’s transport services and with the intent of rewarding the expertise of its staff, the State decided to entrust the management of the Metro line Termini – EUR to STEFER. On April 22nd, 1952, in the presence of President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi, the connection route between Magliana Station and the Roma – Lido railway and the entire Termini- EUR route was opened.

1976. From STEFER and S.R.F.N. to A.CO.TRA.L.

On November 6th, 1976 the STEFER and S.R.F.N., merged into A.CO.TRA.L. – Consortium of Public Transports in Lazio region. In the late ‘ 70s, as part of the expansion program of the subway network of Rome, the management of the A Metro line (opened in 1980) was entrusted to A.CO.TRA.L, which had contributed to its construction.

1993. Birth of CO.TRA.L. the Consortium of Public Transport in Lazio region

With the enforcement of the Reform Law of Local Government (June 8th, 1990, No. 142), on February 24th, 1993, A.CO.TRA.L. changed its name to CO.TRA.L. – Consortium of Public Transport in Lazio region.

CO.TRA.L. benefited from A.CO.TRA.L.’s regional concessions for suburban public road transport; it also benefited from the concessions of the Municipality of Rome for the management of A and B Metro lines and those of the Ministry of Transport for the management of Roma-Lido, Roma-Pantano and Roma-Viterbo railways. CO.TRA.L. was also entrusted with the direct management of the collective transport of people within the Municipality of Rome and the five main provinces in Lazio region.

In 1996, the Provincial Administrations of Rome, Frosinone and Latina left the Consortium. As a result, starting from January 1st, 1997 the Company was only represented by the Administrations of the Municipality of Rome and the Province of Rieti and Viterbo, which reaffirmed their partnership in the Consortium.

1997. COTRAL, from limited liability Consortium to joint-stock company

In 1997 CO.TRA.L. – Consortium of Public Transports in Lazio region was the only transports network connecting the different cities of the Region.

To overcome the situation of monopoly that had arisen (as required by European legislation, by Legislative Decree 422/97 and the regional implementation Law and by the resolutions of the municipality of Rome), making use of the simplified procedures of the Bassanini Bis Law, CO.TRA.L. was separated into two joint-stock companies: Metroferro Spa and Linee Laziali Spa, which were respectively named Met.Ro. and Cotral Spa in 2001.

The sole Cotral Spa – Company of Public Transport in Lazio Region – shareholder is the Lazio Region.

Nowadays we are the greatest suburban Italian road transport company and we allow millions of passengers to travel every year. Every day we carry passengers in 376 municipalities of Lazio region. 20 operating hours and 8.472 daily journeys.

Certainly, there is still much more to be done. However, many things have changed in recent years and we keep improving our work in order to get closer to the needs of our passengers.

The journey of Cotral goes on and you are our next destination.